Plant Visits

Industrial Visit To Belur -Water Treatment Plant

There was a time when we used to stare at our seniors being taken for an industrial tour from the college. It wasn’t by far the best experiences we had, for being a junior. This overcame too soon when we realized that today we are the seniors and mind says Its time. It was, actually, when an industrial visit was scheduled. It was a water treatment plant in Belur wholly operated and maintained by the “Belurmath” authorities.

The day was a chilly winter Saturday with slightly overcast sky. Reporting time was 10am in the morning and most of us gathered there awaiting college bus. We had a cup of tea and started off the journey at around half past 11 in the morning. It’s a 2hours travel by road from Kalyani but not even for a single moment that we had hiccups for that, all we had in mind was ‘what a lovely beautiful morning tour with friends to a distant place that has so much of historical significance.’ Our bus went straight ahead towards Sodepur from where it turned right, we witnessed the beautiful sun from above the Bally bridge.

It was around 1.30 pm that we reached “Belurmath”bus stand. We witnessed the majestic “Belurmath” temple engulfed in numerous flora foundations all around. The plant was in its vicinity which comprised of two main filtration chambers  internally operated by a senior maintenance engineer who was quite engrossed in showing us around, methods & techniques of how water from the holy “Ganges” gulped down by large pipes to chlorine chambers after initial “sand wash-off”. As we entered deep in, we witnessed the differentiated dirty water and filtrated water. In the mean time we were nourished with cup of coffee and biscuits to continue further. It is neither holy or witty to term river “Ganges”, but then there’s a saying “all that’s holy may not be that clean”. All it needs is a little maintenance.

“Belurmath” plant and the enormous “Ashram” are literary self sufficient. They try to produce every vegetations all by themselves, and even this filtrated water is being used wisely. That’s not just said, we witnessed it all doing and workings and plantations. When it was time to set back, we, not only was joyous to see the plant but also was quite fascinated with the beauty and discipline that is maintained throughout. At the end of the day, we can proudly say ‘Behold the beauty of mother nature’.

Credits: Shreeram Bandyopadhyay, BBA Final Year Photography: Rajesh Tiwari & Subhajit Chakraborty, BBA Final Year

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