Women have faced discrimination from their male counterparts in the past, due to the male dominance of institutions that oppress women.

According to #MeToo, the movement was started in 2006 by Tarana Burke,an African American feminist activist to help survivors of sexual violence and young women of color, from impoverished communities to find the rightful means to heal.

There was a short drama held about the theme #MeToo organised by the women cell at JIS College Of Engineering on 2nd February 2019. Our team leader was Tapojit Patra from MBA 1st year who played the role of a father.He was the father of a girl named Riya. Riya’s role was played by Flora Nikita Gomes from BBA 1st year. She was severely harassed by a boy which was played by Arijit Mukherjee from BBA 1st year with one of his friend Amanullah Mondal from MBA 1st year and the role of other people who was also present in the bus stand acting as a couple was played by Aviyan Mondal from MBA 1st year and Puja Rai from BBA 1st year also there was Rajlaksmi Paul of BBA 1st year was a friend of Riya. The 2nd scene was followed by the story of two such places Kolkata and Dhaka. The first story was played by Arpan Paul from MBA 1st year who played the role of a cunning boss and his employees were Riya namely Meghamitra Debnath and Titi Banerjee namely Trishna Mondal from BBA 1st year. Titi was the main victim. The 2nd story was played by Usnish Burman Roy from BBA 1st year a cunning man named as Anwar Khan,Liza the victim namely Priyanka Chakroborty and her friend Rosa namely Somali Pal from BBA 1st year.

      We can easily locate that this drama is totally based on #MeToo. The harassment which the girls are undergoing but in today’s world a girl can protect herself by her own. They are no more weak. Every girl should be very much straight forward. Anwesha Joarder and Pratyusha Chakroborty
of BBA 1st year was playing the lead role. They were the celebrity and also protesting against this movement.

Courtesy: Priyanka Charaborty. ( BBA -1st Year)