On 28th March 2019, a quiz competition has been organized by Center of Management Studies at JIS College of Engineering where twelve team has participated from the department.

Each team have gone through exciting seven rounds of Quiz to obtain the top three positions. Each of the twelve teams was comprised with the Students from the BBA and MBA respectively.

Every team gave their best in each round followed by an elimination which make the competition more jubilant. After seven rounds of mind clashing excitement, three teams have achieved top three Position which are as follows:

1st Position:

Team Name:  Block Heads

Team Member: Priyanka Prasad , Tajesh Ghosh & Hridita Majumdar Prapti

2nd Position:

Team Name:  3 Musketeers Team Member : Kunal Samadder, Supriti Biwas & Amlan Chatterjee

3rd Position:

Team Name: Optimism Stand a chance

Team Member: Shreeam Bandhopadhyay, Bishal Srivastava & Shrabasti Roy

These standout initiatives from CMS makes education to the execution. More of this will be expected in the upcoming year along with the cheerful participation from the students.