Plant Visits

Industrial Visit to Dream bake, Winkies, for MBA & BBA students of CMS JIS College of Engineering, Kalyani, 07th Of March 2020.

Industrial visit is considered as one of the tactical methods of teaching. The main reason behind this industrial visit was to let the students know about the working of a plant practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. These visits provides opportunities to students to enhance their theoretical knowledge and gain the practical experience.

The Students of MBA 1st , 2nd Year & BBA final year students were present during this visit and we were accompanied by Professor Avik Sanyal, who guided us through this visit.

In Dream Bake, two Executives were assigned for the students to make the students understand about the production and workflow of the Bakery. Before entering into the Bakery everyone had to follow a strict hygiene check which included Hair Cap, Beard Cap, White Overcoat, Face mask and Sanitized hands with no ornaments on body.

beard mask being put on by the students
Further a lab coat, a mask and a hair cap was given to every one who entered the manufacturing unit for survey.. A mandatory measure which needs to be followed by every one every time they enter the unit.Hygiene is the most important factor for the industry which they need to maintain at all cost.

They have a fully automated production line in which they primarily take care of hygiene aspects. Production has to follow few steps before it is ready to sale, it starts from all the key ingredients comes and mixes well in the blender and then the mixture goes to turban and then reaches the depositor after baking it comes in the form of Large baked sheets. They were maintaining a room temperature of below 24 degree and the bake product pass to UV check to check the temperature and then pass to cooling room. They had a Metal Detector as well which finds out that there is no metal in the bake product while manufacturing. Metal Detector checks for 3 type of Metals namely FU, Non Fu & SSO. It can check for these mentioned sizes FU-1MM, Non FU-1.5mm & SSU-2MM. After checking for Metals in products it sends to cutting belt there it cuts in predefined size and weights and it goes forward for packagingwhere lower weight limit is 552 grams and upper weight limit is 592 grams. In 1 day they produce 240 Tonne of Baked Product.

After the visit the students were given freebies from the company. In the frame the students are seen standing with the guides who helped them during the survey and understanding the process of manufacturing in the company.

And in the end there was a feedback session for the company from the students as well. This visit was informative, enjoyable and unique in it’s nature. These kind of visits should be arrange for students so that they can enhance their knowledge.

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