Plant Visits

Industrial Visit to Vivekananda Water Treatment Plant on the 12th of February, 2020

An Industrial Visit was conducted for the Management students of JIS College of Engineering on the 12th of February, 2020, at the Vivekananda Water Treatment Plant, Belur Math. Mr.Sourav Gupta, Assistant Plant Manager of the said water treatment plant showed the different processes which are undertaken to purify the impure water of the River Ganges and transform it into clean drinking water.  The impure water from river Ganges is passed on through large pipes and gets mixed with chlorine and alum. Then it is passed on to a large tank, where the water gets combined with sand through electrification. The sand particles get sedimented and are passed on for final rounds of purification. The plant is also having two laboratories where the water is tested before the final distribution. The whole functioning system is controlled by a system named SCADA. The whole campus is having a large scale of land which is used for cultivating many seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Few images were taken during the industrial visit. The process of water purification was shown to the students.

After completion of the industrial visit, our team visited the famous Belur Math and sought blessings from the divine Sri Ramakrishna. It was a visit to cherish for a long time.

The nearer you come to God, the more you feel peace. Peace, peace, peace — supreme peace! The nearer you come to the Ganges, the more you feel its coolness. You will feel completely soothed when you plunge into the river.
Sri Ramakrishna

This educational tour was conducted for the students of MBA 1st year and the BBA 2nd year of JIS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING. At the Vivekananda Water Treatment Plant in Belur followed by a trip to Belur Math, accompanied by one of our respected teacher Mr. Avik Sanyal.

Students of MBA and BBA along with the teachers.