Seminar / Conference

“Campus to Corporate”

Today was an auspicious day in my career as I witnessed a career and personality development seminar on “Campus to Corporate” by Mr. Sandeep Kundu, HR manager of United Breweries Ltd.

It was a cold winter breezy morning but that didn’t stop enthusiastic crowd of BBAs & MBAs to assemble & recreate the notion of learning new possibilities. The day kicked started with an encouraging speech by our Principal Mr. Malay Dave to the students. Two volunteers were chosen to cooperate, each on either side. The session gained momentum with gaining insights about the students, their interests and their recognition of the field that they are into. On a kind note, the notion of the importance of studying in a B-school was repeated. The ever ending lists of multiple career choices and dreams to chase, one thing was pretty common among the students, they all want a successful career in the industry. While majority of the students had shown their interest in working in West Bengal, our mentor jolted back and requested them try their hands-on ‘Pan-India’ for a wider view of working cultures.

Personality Development is an enlightenment which cannot be developed in a short period but requires serious engagement & dedication to personal goals. Methods and processes of patterns of interviews and industry level strategies to overcome weaknesses were discussed, that too from a person who has years of expertise in Human Resources recruitment.

The session was highly interactive with multiple layers of questionnaires from multiple students of MBA. Our mentor himself shared distinctive experiences throughout his career journey and how he apprehended every situation with ease. Extreme values of management skills and opportunities were accompanied with a cup of tea. At the end it was all an interactive and equally encouraging package to reap the management seed into the students and rejuvenate them to grab all opportunities in their aspiring management future.

Credits: Shreeram Bandyopadhyay, BBA Final Year